lørdag 4. september 2010

To the Memory of the Polmont Rail Crash

On returning to my log book of loco haulage in the mid eighties, I am just about as far as late july when I realise there is a very note worthy event which should not be left as a side note in my otherwise innane blogg.

On the 30 th july 1984 thirteen people missed their lives on the Polmont to Falkirk stretch of line when the leading DBSO ( driving, brake, second only: the push pull driving coach) struck a cow which had wandered onto the line due to breaches in the fencing east of Falkirk tunnel.

It is in their memory I write, 26 years on. I hope the families have healed their grief and been able to keep fond memories of their loved ones.

My bashing book does not cover this day actually, but rather the 28th of july and there is no run to Edinburgh noted. In fact I believe we were on the 1600 Edinburgh to glasgow or reverse: we were in the DBSO and we saw cows running along the line. I do not know why I did not write the "moves" in but I am pretty sure we were on our way back with Rupert and co when we saw the cows: bullocks by the look of them, gallavanting inside the line.

I remember my stomach dropping when hearing about the crash and confirmed fatalities: this could have been me and my friends, on a pleasure tour to Edinburgh and back.

Why I did not write the move ? well perhaps it was a shove 47/7 over to view something on a cheap day returne and we came back via falkirk grahamston after the crash. It was in my school holidays and I like going to Edinburgh.

I feel like I have had the nine lives proscribed in the feline sense, this being one.

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