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Freedom of Scotland July 1984

02.07.1984-15/7/1984 ==== Freedom of Scotland =====

Dreadful!!!! The most, desperate moves ever on a "freedom" fortnight's ticket. Hardly anything sensible in terms of using my £36.99 or what ever an under 16' "freedom" cost then!

No up and down to Oban and out to Thurso. No catching a 37 maybe over the Inverness Perth route for the line and mileage. No doing the complete move round the NE on the mail train to Elgin. No taking an NB all the way to Ft Bill.

Nope. Crazy covering with NO getting hold of TOPS reports unless someone had one already. That was the game: no TOPS, you "viewed" trains.

Not only was 1984 the scene for the last English Civil War, but it was a scorcher of a summer with daily temperatures around 25 and places like Carstairs being open ovens!

Gateshead, motherwell, eastfield and thornaby class 37s were totally wildly itinerant and started producing on the drop of a hat courtesay of Iain McGregor and Arthur Scargill. I scrub my eyes to believe what produced and often where! Glasgow -Edinburgh 37s????? 47/7s must have been having a bad week, because 37s were out on mark 1s and IIs on the route. Duffs became rare on stranrærs!!!!

07:38:00 Glasgow C Paisley 311
07:57:00 Paisley Glasgow Central 47010

( this was to cover the aforeblogget 0700 ayr- glasgow which could produce. It went ECS the night before to avoid vandalism in glasgow and to pick up some cheese in SCR management who lived in Ayrshire)

09:00:00 Glasgow QS Haymarket 47703
09:XX Haymarket Carstairs 47702

Carlise 86235
12:05:00 Carlisle Carstairs South 81015

Glasgow Central 47378
15:30:00 Glasgow QS Edinburgh Waverley 47705
16:30:00 Edinburgh Waverley Glasgow QS 47705
18:20:00 Glasgow QS Arrochar 37043
19:45:00 Arrochar Glasgow QS 37175
21:28:00 Glasgow C Low Level Motherwell 303
22:11:00 Motherwell Mossend 86234

Perth 37026
00:49:00 Perth Inverness 47460

The very large duff three was nothing to us, and it probably was the one we turned down on the portions we went out to cover.

37026 : the first time IIRc I struck a v12 on the famoius 1S81 (which I think I did for the first time in 82 , in an older jotter that is lost!) 37026 was thrashed like blazed all the way giving a very satisfying 80-90mph run where poss and maybe the ton. With track running above 55mph syphons could put in some impressive runs.


06:xx Inverness lairg 37035
08:xx Lairg Inverness 37183
10:35:00 Inverness Aberdeen 47210
1300 Aberdeen Dundee IC 125
14:28:00 Dundee Edinburgh Waverley 47011
16:10:00 Edinburgh Waverley Carstairs 37154
18:15:00 Carstairs Glasgow Central 86xxx

A fairly desperate group of moves on probably my third freedom-of-scotland. I think this was maybe the day 37183 was running with the flat container wagon to Wick and Thurso, another syphon oddity I have piccies of.

37154 was ML IIRC, and had dropped on something else we had missed, so had to be done. We either got the gen, or just went the quickest way back to cover the portions. An english duff basher showed me his blade he carried for protection on terra caledonia, whcih I was somewhat shocked about. THen again he was a duff basher....


11:20:00 Glasgow C Carstairs 87022
13:06:00 Carstairs Glasgow Central 85022
13:56:00 Glasgow C Low Level Helensburgh Central 303-314
15:20:00 Helensburgh Upper Glasgow QS 37188

Decisions, decisions. Another day where you cover everything and nothing produces. A run to Oban on 188 would have been preferable. The only train not covered was the Stranraær from Kilmarnock, which produced 40s and 37s this summer.

I covered the "portions" with a view to the 12xx and the 1303 and any later locos hanging around. Then the 13:45 carlisle maybe, certainly the incoming 14:39, then sod it, a trip out for chips and a walk up that hill, Sinclair Street in Helensburgh to get to the WHL station there from the central "blue commuter" line.


09:50:00 Glasgow C Carlise 86259

Carlisle Beattock 85020

(failure) Glasgow Central 86008

Glasgow C Milngavie 303

Milngavie Qs LL 303

I believe we got on, erm, the wrong train, meaning to cover something at carstairs but ending whizzing past both a motorail with a 40 on it plus the station itself.

The second of several "roarer" failures we experienced in 84-85, showing why they really had to come to an end in the next couple of years. The 86 was took orff a frieght , and IIRC the preceeding freight had been a pair of, no doubt enourmous, 37s. We would have gotten the 86 regardless probably!


09:50:00 Glasgow QS Dumbarton Central 37111
10:33:00 Dumbarton Glasgow QS 37033
11:35:00 Glasgow C Paisley 47123
11:48:00 Paisley Glasgow Central 303/311
12:20:00 Glasgow QS Dumbarton Central 37188
14:04:00 Dumbarton Glasgow C Low Level 303-314
14:56:00 Glasgow C Low Level Milngavie 303
15:20:00 Milngavie Glasgow QS Low Level 303
15:59:00 Glasgow QS low level Helensburgh Central 303-314
20:50:00 Helensburgh Upper Glasgow QS 37014

I think I fell asleep and ended up in Milngavie or did a slumber move on the local, comfy old 303s. Must have been tired and somewhat disappointed that nothing produced.

10:20:00 Helensburgh Upper Glasgow QS 37191
10:44:00 Glasgow C Kilmarnock DMU
13:33:00 Kilmarnock Ayr 37209
15:05:00 Ayr (ex stran) Glasgow Central 47515
17:30:00 Glasgow C Kilmarnock 37209
18:37:00 Kilmarnock Glasgow Central 37156
20:00:00 Glasgow QS Falkirk High 47708
20:27:00 Falkirk (high?) Glasgow QS 37184

A fairly enourmous day out : 156 and 209 in the bag and both pretty huge. Also, what the heck was happening on the edinburgh line? 37184 today. On a very vague recollection, I seem to remember being in a mark I compo on an ordinary edinbra train which should have been a "shove duff"


15:05:00 Glasgow C Stranraer 37209
18:35:00 Stranraer Glasgow Central 37209

209, thornaby or the like, out on the route, must have come north light loco or replacing a failed sulzer heap: Decided I was on a freedom and would do some miles and routes: Told the driver it was a good loco, and he put the handle up all the way up the banks and over to Girvan. Excellent thrash.

Probably missed some stuff, but byu now 47/3s were two a penny and being put on portions and failures: two roarers down in the heat of that summer already!


10:33:00 Helensburgh Upper Arrochar 37022

11:15:00 Arrochar Glasgow QS 37188
13:45:00 Glasgow C Kilmarnock 47123
14:30:00 Kilmarnock Glasgow Central 37073
15:30:00 Glasgow QS Haymarket 47701
16:45 app Haymarket Edinburgh Waverley 47528
16:55:00 Edinburgh Waverley Haymarket 47488
17:03:00 Haymarket Glasgow QS 47704
18:20:00 Glasgow QS Helensburgh Upper 37051
19:24:00 Helensbugh Central Glasgow C Low Level 303-314
20:15:00 Glasgow C Paisley 37056

A quick bail at Helensburgh upper to return by courtesay of 303s and 314s to Central to get 37056 on the late stranrær. Another syphon in the book thank you!

This train may have needed to have steaming locos, must check if 056 was bloiered at this point.


11:35:00 Glasgow C Paisley 37125
12xx Paisley Glasgow Central DMU
13:45:00 Glasgow C Kilmarnock 47338
14:30:00 Kilmarnock Glasgow Central 27024
16:30:00 Glasgow QS Haymarket 47712
17XX Haymarket Edinburgh Waverley DMU
18:00:00 Edinburgh Waverley Glasgow QS 47708
19:35:00 Glasgow C Johnstone DMU
20:XX Johnstone Paisley DMU
20:39:00 Paisley Glasgow Central 37125

Another 37/1 NB large monster on the Strannie, top and tailing an otherwise pish day.

Should have taken it too, but what the heck it is ten miles or so to Paisley and there were plenty other syphons lurking. No others to play with today though on the portions or I presume the Carlisles.


11:20:00 Glasgow C Carstairs 87002
13:03:00 Carstairs Edinburgh Waverley 37020
14:00:00 Edinburgh Waverley Glasgow QS 47705
14:59:00 Glasgow QS low level Helensburgh Central 303
15:54:00 Helensbugh Central Glasgow QS Low Level 303
17:00:00 Glasgow QS Edinburgh Waverley 47705
18:00:00 Edinburgh Waverley Glasgow QS 47705

Messing about, I just deleted a unit move to H'boro for chips or Ice cream and some doss.

Anyhows, 37 020, probably gateshead, underlined to make a nice tight cluster of lines in my book from a simple "viewing" of the usual 1303 portion, after a comfortable breakfast.


10:20:00 Helensburgh Upper Glasgow QS 37184
11:00:00 Glasgow QS Edinburgh Waverley 37059
12:30:00 Edinburgh Waverley Glasgow QS 47707
13:45:00 Glasgow C Kilmarnock 47274
14:30:00 Kilmarnock Glasgow Central 47006
16:50:00 Glasgow QS Dumbarton Central 37027
17:33:00 Dumbarton Glasgow QS 37188
18:35:00 Glasgow C Ayr DMU
20:03:00 Ayr Glasgow Central 37139

What was this 11:00 edinburgh with 37059 all about???? The shove duffs must have been struggling in the heat because this was the second substitution. I have no recollection of any Glasgow to Edinburgh runs behind a 37 other than 296, but do recall sitting on mark I compos and a mark II on what should have been a "shove duff" ( 47/7)

13.07.1984 to 14.07.1984

10:20:00 Helensburgh Upper Glasgow QS 37037
11:20:00 Glasgow C Carstairs 87016
13:03:00 Carstairs Edinburgh Waverley 37079
14:30:00 Edinburgh Waverley Glasgow QS 47706
15:45:00 Glasgow C Barrhead 47009
16.xx Barrhead Glasgow Central DMU
17:00:00 Glasgow QS Falkirk High 37124
17:28:00 Falkirk High Glasgow QS 477xx
18:00:00 Glasgow C Irvine 37138
20:08:00 irvine Glasgow Central DMU
21:28:00 Glasgow C Low Level Motherwell 303
22:12:00 Motherwell Mossend 86248

Perth 37079
01:11:00 Perth Pitlochry 47552
02:xx Pitlochry Glasgow QS 47467
07:05:00 Glasgow QS Edinburgh Waverley 37045
08:30:00 Edinburgh Waverley Falkirk High 47703
09:23:00 Falrkirk High Glasgow QS 477xx
11:20:00 Glasgow C Carstairs 86243
13:03:00 Carstairs Glasgow Central 85029
15:45:00 Glasgow C Auchinleck 27029
17:23:00 Auchinleck Kilmarnock 37101
18:47:00 Kilmarnock Glasgow Central 47206

The over night move: you more or less had to stay awake but I got some doss on the way up north of perth and probably on the famous 1S81 which produced the same syphon we had had on a portion earlier. I guess it ran light loco Carstairs to mossend or maybe rescued something ending up at mossend.

The 0705 was probably a glasgow Scarborough or Skeggie summer addex, and I could not usually get in early enough to cover it : it did have a return at night, as per 37172 etc last year but this was a big bag and I just don't remember a bloody thing.

Also, once again a 37 /|1 out on the bloody edinburgh service, this time a nice 124 run! I think we bailed off at Falkirk High to cover 124s appearance only to see another 47/7 appear out of the tunnel. Remember the bail!

And scrub your eyes and look twice, 138 now producing on the strannie, not 139. Hells bells! Fantasy underlining

37101 adding to a good score card from
36 hours solid bashing.

15.07.1984 Blow Up day for Freedom

15:05:00 Glasgow C Irvine 37074
16:03:00 irvine Glasgow Central DMU
17:22:00 Glasgow QS Helensburgh Upper 37184

A fairly no nonsense day: slept in til all ours, unit into central to cover the various carlisles and hey presto, another required 37/0 this time on the stranae.

Fairy god mother would be out at midnight bowling me out for more moves: "Blow up day" for my freedom of Scotland.

========== ================ =============== =========================

A strange, desperate move collection, but like I said before, this was how bashing was back in 1984: getting lines in the book and covering everything that could produce.

I regret not covering more possible 40 drops in 1983 and 84: the Euston stranrær was still non coffin and the portions at both Carstairs and Mossend. Also 40s dropped out of Newcastle occoaisonally to Edinbra. Interesting to compare notes but......

I will have to get onto that 1984 internet bashing simulator!

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