onsdag 15. september 2010

This day in history: Bashing 15th sept 1984

Into September and being a lad of no means by no means, I had no cash or interest to splice open the wallet for tours to the last Skeggies or what TF else.

Now I was into 5th year at school and had a new group of pals by in large IIRC: train spotting was a bit uncool, but I had a lot of bashing left in me to get out, which I did in 1985. It was a time when I started to stumble in life having been done well in the "o" levels. I have been up and down with hedukashun and jobs ever since. I should have taken up some sport : this is what a 15-17 year old really needs! Don't give up locos, but go play footie before a trip to the shed.

Also socially speaking, egalitarianism you learn as a basher gets you no where in life! Far better to be a snob or an inverted version there of.

On this day in history, a saturday in 1984, the only thing that dropped was 37104, probably boiler intact but at least a vagrant and not relocated syphon so a good line in the book!

15.09.1984 LowLand Master Transcard

Arrochar 37012
09:45:00 Arrochar Glasgow QS 37191
11:30:00 Glasgow C Ayr 37104
12:29:00 Ayr Kilmarnock 47618
13:35:00 Kilmarnock Ayr 27024

14:15:00 Ayr Glasgow C DMU
16:50:00 Glasgow QS Bridge-of-Orchy 37014
19:10:00 Bridge-of-Orchy


Solid 37 bashing though, but depsite a whole 13 hours out, the book has a note:

219.68 miles logged behind them.

Unlike deltics, fifties or sulzer type 4 trash, it was a hard life getting mileage up on syphons!

24.09.1984 Trannie restricted area maybe

Arrochar 37264
09:45:00 Arrochar Helensburgh Upper 37033
10:33:00 Helensburgh Upper Arrochar 37039
11:15:00 Arrochar Helensburgh Upper 37184
13:06:00 Helensburgh Upper Crianlarich 37191
14:01:00 Crianlarich Glasgow QS 37264
16:50:00 Glasgow QS Dumbarton Central 37033
17:33:00 Dumbarton Glasgow QS 37022
18:20:00 Glasgow QS Ardlui 37264
20:01:00 Ardlui

Still with the stupid fester at Helensburgh "no where" upper due to trains passing at cardross or the like: 30 less miles.. No view and the shop was maybe shut down by this time. Station laid flat this year too.

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