onsdag 15. september 2010

Into August, 16 years of age

Early august and I'm 16 years old suddenly, nearly a man, on a boyish pursuit with no chance of a shag.

Here were some monotomous early august moves.


16:50:00Glasgow QSDumbarton Central37027

Shopping move most likely

08.08.1984LowLand Master Transcard

Glasgow QS37191
13:45:00Glasgow CKilmarnock26026
14:33:00KilmarnockGlasgow C 26008
18:20:00Glasgow QSArdlui37011

Really quite rate to get 26s both ways on the carlisle.
They were at that point mustered at Corkerhill IIRC.

After the freedom weekend, see other blog, it was back to more punishment with boilered 37s,. 37110 being the most exotic as a new refugee to ScR from Stratford no doubt,.

26.08.1984 LowLand Master Transcard

08:51:00 Dumbarton Arrochar 37108
09:45:00 Arrochar Glasgow QS 37037
11:30:00 Glasgow C Ayr 37110
12:30:00 Ayr Kilmarnock 47440
14:33:00 Kilmarnock Glasgow C 27029
16:50:00 Glasgow QS Dumbarton Central 37039
17:33:00 Dumbarton Glasgow QS 37027
18:20:00 Glasgow QS Ardlui 37051
20:01:00 Ardlui "up"



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