torsdag 19. august 2010

Bashing May 1984 Continued....

Looks like I was on a freedom-of-scotland but it was during exam time so I only went oot on saturdays.

The following day just demonstrates some mental failings I have! Or rather I think I was distracted more by the wares of Spud-u-like, The Pancake place and the hanging fruit of young edinbra' ladies than actual bashing.

Probably did it all as a crowd with Reidy, dobie, Carlisle and so on, or maybe just a dumb day on my own.

10:30:00 Glasgow QS Edinburgh Waverley DMU
Edinburgh Waverley Haymarket DMU
Haymarket Edinburgh Waverley DMU
11:51:00 Edinburgh Waverley Haymarket 27042
Haymarket Edinburgh Waverley 47124
Edinburgh Waverley Haymarket 47117
Haymarket Edinburgh Waverley 47423
Edinburgh Waverley Haymarket 47148
Haymarket Edinburgh Waverley 47708
Edinburgh Waverley Haymarket 47707
Haymarket Edinburgh Waverley DMU
14:51:00 Edinburgh Waverley Haymarket 27046
15:18:00 Edinburgh Waverley Leuchars 47206
19:35:00 Leuchars Dundee 27042
20:25:00 Dundee Glasgow QS 47527

Why I did such a ned like sulzer only day I will never know, but I guess I was covering the carstair portions and waiting for a 27 to blow up on the circuit. Definetly drifted back into insectr status. Most bashers wouldn't underline distances of under 5 miles as hauled: but I just drew the line or rather, hatched the line at bankers to be punny.


18:00:00 Glasgow C Ayr DMU
20:03:00 Ayr (ex stran) Glasgow Central 37013

Now this was more like it: a "vo" or maybe then vb syphon from outside scotland producing on a route more used to the LDA power units. The train was late and 37013 put in a respectable thrash once the driver got used to givining it some welly to get moving. Good condition and newly painted - surprise for a loco long overdue works conversion to dual brakes.

The trouble with the Ayr line then was in fact the bloody 101 units blowing up all the time;: or rather some of their engines woudl fail and they would limp into Glasgow, hoilding everything up! Rancid units that took well over an hour to get the 48 miles or so: which is actually longer than Glas-Edin. Being held up that day, I remember being signalled every five minutes!

Syphons were moderately rare in Glasgow central prior to 1984 when they produced almost every day in the summer due to their availability and failures of 27s, 47s and DMUs.

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