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Bashing Class 37s 1st Dec 1984

01.12.1984 Trannie restricted area maybe

09:06:00 Home Arrochar 37033
09:45:00 Arrochar Glasgow QS 37184
12:20:00 Glasgow QS (Oban) Crianlarich 37191
14:15:00 Crianlarich Glasgow QS 37033
16:50:00 Glasgow QS Crianlarich 37112
19:xx Crianlarich Arrochar 37191
19:45:00 Arrochar Ardlui 37033
20:01:00 Ardlui Home 37027

Well all very hum drum, while I dare say that many readers would give their right arm to have done this little lot of ED boilered syphons las saturday.

A bit of a trip I just don't quite remember: i remember going over Sloch just a couple of overnight times, and at Kyle just once in the winter, and this must have been it. Pretty unremarkable, I wonder if 033 was on a Dundee train or a Perth: units had been displaced by several more locohauled in 84 -85 and this was down to "perth man" in control. 37s were regulars.

7 to 8th Dec 1984 Mini Freedom of Scotland

02:50:00 Home Glasgow QS 37026

23:30:00 Glasgow QS Perth 47546

Inverness 47614
06:55:00 Inverness Kyle-of-Loch Alsh 37260
11:10:00 Kyle-of-Loch Alsh Inverness 37260
14:32:00 Inverness Aberdeen 47012
17:05:00 Aberdeen Perth 47522
19:13:00 Perth Glasgow QS 37039
20:59:00 Glasgow QS low level Home 303
Back to more of the mundane WHL; But 37 265 was a bit large IIRC. I think it was NB by then.

19th Dec 1984 Trannie

09:06:00 Home
Arrochar 37051
09:45:00 Arrochar Glasgow QS 37265 (012 had failed,dead on train)
12:20:00 Glasgow QS (Oban) Crianlarich 27052
14:15:00 Crianlarich Home 37051

27th Dec 1984 Trannie ( WHL train times an hour or more late)

10:3x Home Garelochhead 37033
10.xx Garelochhead Glasgow QS 37090
12:20:00 Glasgow QS (Oban) Helensburgh Upper 37184
14:54:00 Helensbugh Central Glasgow QS Low Level 303
16:50:00 Glasgow QS Crianlarich 37051
19:xx Crianlarich Home

Once again, from above, a boring day, but maybe a line in the book for an itinerant 37090 which was probably GD allocated iirc, but later moved up to ED.

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