søndag 5. januar 2014

Type threes that never were ... Tantalising possible fantasy locos

Not a lot of people know that most "syphon bashers" actually rated class 33s and hymeks. Given our mutual disrespect for the classes 31, 25 and 27 in particular it may come as a surprise. Type 3s though have to work for a living and have all proven to be capable of running type 4 diagrams. If in 1955 the folly of all the underpowered type 2s had been recognised then we may have had some interesting alternative type 3s.

A fact i did not know is that the 8LDA in the "shreddie" was actually rated at the same per cylinder as the humble class 26, another favourite of syphon bashers as variety on the far north and to annoy 27 bashers. This would mean a potential power output of just under 1700hp in the same locomotive.

How would then an RA5 version of the shreddie with a boiler as a competitor to the EE type 3? AIA configuration. Maybe he same gearing as a shreddie and also eth. Stretch a shreddie for the first of the class and then later orders into the 1960s are roof mounted head code box and a 25 / lion body style? Up at maybe 1685 hp. Given the loco had different field diversion speeds then it could have been a better alternative to the syphon for those draggy 40-50 mph diagrams so loathed by drivers. I can imagine this machine becoming a passenger dedicated dual heat affaire in the late 1970s and working a pile of regional and cross country semi fasts and standing in for duffs on expresses. Scr would have been delighted with them for whl, highland and far north, fife circuit, perth routes and south of glasgow central.

What though if SR had decided on a dual mode version, on an AIA  format with a boiler for non ETH through trains. I rather fancy then a class 34 and 78.  Dual mode deltic with a single PU and 25kv overhead where the other engine used to be?

Another tantalus a diesel electric hymek in co co ? That could have lead to a nice class with uprating possibility for ETH. Or of they had put a decent ventura or valenta in the "Goil" class 31 at over 1600. No matter, there should have been space for the CSVT in there and that would have been then a greater loco than the rather pedestrian accelerating 31.

If Bayer & Peacock were in there then why not NBL ? An MAN v16 or a smaller twin engine type three? A scottish hymek, mini warship completely capable on the route times of the ScR in DE version for north of the border and as an oil slosher.

Finally back to a light weight bobo single engined deltic type 3 to 4. The trouble of the baby deltic was that it was built on a traditional heavy frame chassis rather than the tubular and space frame deltic

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