fredag 26. oktober 2012

The Missing Link....Csvt to RK

I feel a bit like I have uncovered piltdown man. The mythical  evolutionary link between the pulsing csvt and the rather dull RK 16 and 12 in traction form.

This is the ktm class 22 Malaysian locomotives. Built by AEI austrailia in 1971-2, these prove to be reliable and as for all type 3s on sub 500 tonne trains, a star performer.

At 1760 hp it is 220 hp per cylinder. This would make the v12 2640hp and the vee sixteen, 3520. There it is, the missing link between the "ten by 12" csvt and the rk 270 which found its highest traction rating in the class 58.

But...the csvt still dubs, whistles, growls and whines rather than screetching !

Well anyway the last of its kind was the lighter rk 215 which still sounds like an EE rustons machine. I hope a series of. 6, 8, 12 and 16 locos sees the light of day in europe.

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