tirsdag 6. mars 2012

The biggest of them All

Well this is the biggest of them all for me personally. Despite being a syphon basher I loved 40s too.

It was big because it was a drop: the duff had its windscreen smashed, the 40 had its second man cab side window also smashed but there were no other type 4s available ( think it ran NB ?)

40170 1N05 2330 Glasgow QS - Inverness, to Perth 26 July 1983

Bradford Bender and co came on at Gleneagles - guess they took the euston -inverness sleeper or a local service or perhaps the edingburgh portion went that way.

40170 was in great nick and gave a superb run, perhaps Peter Walker and Davey Baker in control.

It then worked the down service, piloting a 47 south as far as stirling for the QS-Waverly split at the time.

40 170 down service

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